Whether you’re a guest at one of the Out of Cold locations or looking to volunteer, we’re happy to help you find the answers you’re looking for.

How do I set up an Out of the Cold at my parish, synagogue, or mosque?

The Out of the Cold Foundation is a charitable organization separate from the individually run programs that exist throughout the city in the winter months. If you’re interested in running a program – we’re here to help and can point you in the right direction. We also accept funding applications throughout the year, and the form can be found here. We do not however, run any individual programs. If you’re thinking about offering a program or service, we suggest checking in with your parishioners and leaders within your organization to see if you can support with volunteers and a safe, clean and warm space.

I'm looking to volunteer.

All of the Out of the Cold services throughout the city of Toronto are run through the generous donation of time made by 100s of volunteers throughout the winter months. If you’re looking to find a specific location, please visit our Volunteer page, select a parish and get in touch with the coordinator.

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